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Okay, I admit I did drink to much wine last night. My wife was out dancing with friends and I was enjoying a glass of red Bordeaux & then that glass of wine had another glass of wine & finally the wine had me.

I’m not beating up on myself for letting lose every now and then but what about The road of constant improvement? Let’s deconstruct what happens when I drink to much, what a great opportunity for growth this is. I am grateful!

Let’s see here. I need an expert on the subject… Google!

Ah there she is :

Emily DeLacey

Registered Dietitian, with a solid background. I look at her article for inspiration here :

5 negative health risks of drinking too much wine

Bad things about drinking to much wine :

Drinking is associated with an increased risk for multiple health problems including high blood pressure, liver cirrhosis, allergic reactions, several types of cancer, sleep deficiency, breast cancer, brain damage, heart damage and inflamed pancreas, as well as increased rate of general injuries, violence and death”

Ouch! I knew drinking to much is not good for you but when you put it all together like that it looks awful. In the article she writes about 5 specific negative health risks :

Sleep deficiency, obesity, heart disease, fertility, pancreatitis

The appropriate way to drink wine :

There are pros in drinking wine according to Emily. So I have to look at those to because I would hate to cut red wine from my life completely. The positive effects from drinking red wine in moderate quantities are according to the article :

Preventing bad cholesterol from forming and may inhibit blood clothing.

Puh… That’s better!

Emily writes that women can drink one glass of red wine in a day and men can drink two without having the negative side effects.

So this is my new rule on the road of constant improvement :

For one entire year I can only drink maximum two glasses of red wine in the same day.”

Now when I do stuff like this I always use a tool that I stole from Jerry Seinfeld, It’s something I call the Seinfeld Calendar. I will create this tool today and tomorrow and it will be released under the Tools menu along with an explication how it works. It is very simple but it’s fantastic. Right now I’m successfully using it to stop smoking and to get my ass to the gym 6 times per week, so I know it works!

Create your own future! //B

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