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It’s a new day full of new opportunities. I would like to share a couple of things that adds value in my life. Sometimes when I decide that it’s time to clean up our home, do the dishes or take care of the laundry I listen to the “Tim Ferriss Show”. It’s amazing how many smart people there are in the world. With a couple of clicks we get to listen to them talk about their inner thoughts and routines. If you haven’t listen to Tim’s podcast then I highly recommend doing so. Here’s a link to Tim’s website :

Tim often talk about how he is doing something called the five minute journal. I haven’t seen what it looks like but I liked the idea and I’ve been doing my own version of it for a couple of months now. My morning routine looks like this now a days :

4:30am wake up, brush teeth, turn on water boiler, meditate, write in my quick journal, make coffee, write morning diary, make breakfast for the kids…

This morning however I put my alarm on 6am instead because the kids have the rest of the week off from school. Which mean they will sleep a little bit longer. So I am not militant about the 4:30am thing, I’m more interested in having some quiet time before the kids wake up and demands my attention. Since there was a change in the morning routine schedule I messed up the order a little bit. I started to write the morning diary before the 5 minute journal and for the first time since I started my challenge of writing a post a day for a whole year I blanked. I didn’t know what to write. So I decided to rewind, do my short journal session and then make my coffee like I normally do. Now I’m writing without resistance again. I’m reflecting over the event and it makes me consider making a tool out of my quick diary morning routine.

The difference (I think) between the way I do it compared to Tim is that he returns to his journal in the evening. I only open my quick diary once a day. So while Tim summons his day up in the evening, I do that in the morning after. My diary start with three great things that happened yesterday. I have found that this is an exercise in it self. Because sometimes I don’t really know what I did yesterday, I have to concentrate to remember. That’s how short my memory is. How mindful I feel when I realize that yesterday is not even a memory anymore, ha ha!

Today I will create a “Quick diary” tool and I will publish it under the Tool menu. The tools are for free, download and use them as you want. If you’d rather buy a real book in which you can take notes then I think the 5 minute journal similar to the one that Tim uses is for sale. Since I like to keep things here on Welcome to Insight for free, I’d recommend a Google search for the ones of you who feel like you want a physical diary to write in.

Stay creative! //B

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