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Long before I moved to New Caledonia with my wife and two kids. I was thinking about how I should spend my days in my new country. I have a broad span of things that I’ve tried out throughout my life. I’ll share my resume to give you an idea :

  • Gas station cashier

  • Factory worker (Manufacturing industrial springs)

  • Traveling sales man (Selling industrial springs)

  • Carpenter assistant (Helping dad out)

  • Musician (Cover artist, playing bars and clubs)

  • Musician (Original artist, playing festivals, bars and clubs)

  • Small scale studio owner (Recording bands and artists)

  • Light and sound engineer (Doing festivals and club gigs)

  • Factory worker carpentering (Manufacturing apartment buildings)

  • Factory supervisor carpentering (Manufacturing apartment buildings)

  • Bartender (Serving beer, whiskey & coke)

As I’ve deconstructed my past I’ve found a pattern. The manual work, like carpentering and factory work has been a way for me to keep my parents on a comfortable distance and to make my dad proud.

While the artistic work has been a way for me to stay alive, meaning not

to kill myself because I was miserable!

This has been the dialogue between me and my parents :

Parents : – You must have a real job.

Me : – I know, there are people in the world living off of their art. Sound engineers, song writers, artists, web designers, painters, circus clowns, dancers, singers, musicians, directors, producers, photographers, models, writers, magicians, journalist and so on, and so on!!!

Parents : – But that’s not a real job!

Me : – What is a job?

Parents : – A job is when you work so hard with your body that it hurts in the evening. It will provide you with good sleep and if you work overtime you won’t have time to do any foolish things on your spare time. That’s what a real mans job looks like!

Me : – Hey dad I’ve got a job working in a factory, grinding industrial springs for 40 hours per week. They allow unlimited overtime too!

Dad : – Do they pay well?

Me : – They pay 24 000$ per year and most of the people working there has been working there for their entire life.

Dad : – Let me see?

You’ll survive, you’ll be exhausted in the evenings and in the weekends you will be doing overtime. Sounds like a great life plan, go for it son I’m proud of you!

Now that’s one way to do it!

What advice would you give to your younger self?

I’ve found that this question is asked to most successful people these days, be it in interviews or podcasts. Since I am not one of the guys who gets to be interviewed I’ve decided to ask myself that question.

Here’s my answer :

Do this :

Meditate, read books on philosophy, personal development. Study any craft that you feel in your heart you want to advance in. Be persistent and be audacious. Pick your friends with caution. Be a gentleman to the ladies. Strive to become a little bit happier than the day before. What’s going on inside of you is all that matters. The outside will naturally follow if you let go and just concentrate on making the choices that resonates with the true you in every moment. You are good so walk that path with your head held high. Listen to the voice within… Meditate!

Trust the process, because I tell you that this is true!

Don’t do this :

Don’t take loans to buy stereos and cars. Don’t buy a snake (You’ll end up with tears in your eyes every time you feed it). Don’t try to imitate the rock star decadent lifestyle but do enjoy their amazing work of art. Don’t cheat and don’t steal. Don’t beat up on yourself for making mistakes, they are all blessings in disguise.

Yesterday I helped a friend here in New Caledonia. I was taking pictures at his bar. I didn’t work for one minute I just took pictures of smiling people and beautiful settings and I wasn’t exhausted at all. My friend did however insist on paying me for being there and he just wouldn’t take no for an answer. Now to me, that’s a real mans job!

Give love and you shall receive love! //B

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