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My latest insight on honesty!



As I’m starting up my new life in a new country on the other side of the world I am learning so many things. The fact that I’m writing a post everyday is a game changer. Never have I been thinking so much about how to speak about my feelings and inner thoughts. I’ve also found that going public about ones personal growth after so many years of holding back can be intimidating. Even if I do it under cover! I have also come to a really important insight lately. The insight is that I’m having problems with being completely honest. I get these thoughts that I should paint up this grand picture of who I am so that the whole world will be amazed by the life I’m leading. So I’ve decided to use my bucket list tool to kick start a new habit. My new habit will be total honesty on this site from now on.

So tomorrow I will work on the Tool page a little bit. It will not only contain the researches of my already finished projects. But also the things that I’m working on right now. This way I will not be able to fail an experiment and then not tell anyone about it.

The Bucket List Movie is now uploaded to the WTI Youtube channel. However I’m not in a hurry to press the (publish) button since I am still working in the dark here. With no readers I can see to it that I have another movie coming up short after the release of the first one. I would like to have a flow with movies as soon as I start. If anyone happens to like my research movies then I would like to be able to provide more material for my new friends before they forget that I exist.

I’m also done with my first week of a new training program and I’m putting together a movie of my research for this workout routine. It’s the actual routine and diet that Brad Pitt used to get in shape for the movie Fight Club. I’m curious to see if it is possible for me to reach that kind of form. Then I will share tools that I am currently developing. Training programs and journals. What kind of diet I’m sticking to etc. I can tell you that the diet I am on right now is a life style change for me. I think I’m going to stick to it forever. I love it!

I will stop there, that’s my cliff hanger for today!

I also have Ideas about researches in the money field. But it’s going to have a twist to it. I am really exited and I’m looking forward to and I am thankful for every new day!

I worked until 2 o’clock yesterday night and then I over slept, so I did miss my meditation this morning. My morning diary today is actually a night diary. I am hitting the sack as soon as I’ve published this on the website!

Sweet dreams, talk to you tomorrow morning! //B

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