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How I turned tragedy into victory!



I slept in late yesterday and then spent the first half of the day to get into balance. I managed to turn my shaky morning into great triumph though. Last night me and the kids had french hot dogs and movie night. I’m not going to tell you what movie because you would most definitely think that I’m a bad father, ha ha!

Okay, since I have no readers and I did promise to be honest :

The terminator

Don’t tell my wife! Let’s leave that up to the kids… They love to chock her every now and then! The movie thing is something I’m passing on from my late brother whom I loved dearly. I was just a little boy (the same age as my own son is right now) and my brother let me watch all the movies he was watching. He was 15 years older than me. Sometimes the horror movies gave me nightmares, (so I’m not watching those with my kids). But now when my brother is gone, I am forever grateful that he used to let me hang out like that. My kids know the story about my brother and they love to watch movies that me and my brother has seen together. It’s one of the most exciting moments for my kids and a wonderful thing for me to share with them. My brother was never a big fan of rules, we’re honoring his memory by breaking some of our own rules with this family tradition. This is how I turned a personal tragedy into victory!

Let’s get back to the morning meditation again. I realize when I sit down that my mind is very active these days. Maybe it’s because I’m just starting out with a Intermittent Fasting diet along with a new workout routine. This website is most definitely giving me energy and reasons to get up in the morning. I still don’t know what I’m doing here at Welcome to Insight. I’m just going with the flow and I’m enjoying my self on the road of constant improvement.

While i was doing my meditation I did take some mental notes on some of the thoughts that was visiting me. I’m going to make a small lists of the future tools that I’s meditating on :

  • Day Planner Tool :

    – A schedule that is easy to use to get my routines on paper

  • A Checklist Tool :

    – A list where I can check off my daily commitment to my different ongoing experiments

  • A Journal Tool :

    – An organized Journal with specific guidelines that keeps me focused on doing what I love and reminds me of what I love.

  • A Workout Journal Tool :

    – A place where I can record my progress and write down the feeling for the day

  • A Recepies Tool :

    – A book where I can write down my own recipes for super meals. Meals that tastes good and at the same time are amazingly healthy.

    Leave a comment if you swing by!

I’m grateful for my morning diary, peace my friends! //B

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