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The law of attraction



It’s Saturday morning and 4:30 am when my alarm clock rings. I put on the water boiler, brush my teeth, today I choose instant coffee to be my companion during these first morning hours of this beautiful day of my new life. I do my meditation in the sofa today. Why not be extra comfortable? There is a new thought which tickles me. I’m thinking about making a research on the law of attraction?

I know there are some serious movements going on in the world, just look at the success of “The secret”. Well that settles it! There is a success story that I can research here and I’m pretty sure that it wont be that hard to apply to my daily routines or habits.

I just want to add how grateful I am to this website. An idea like the one above would’ve never manifested in my life earlier. I mean the factory worker I was three years ago, would’ve forgotten about this idea already. My life back then was filled with more important things. Things like worry, fatigue, bills, car problems and I remember the constant mantra of “man up!” ringing through my head. I solved some of my problem with this simple philosophy that I developed…

If you don’t have a car, you wont have car problems!”

Learn to become a minimalist and a lot of your problems will vanish!

How exciting!

I will start applying my “Bucket List Tool”, to see if it’s effective or if it needs improvement. I will also create a new “Tools” menu so that anyone who will drop by Welcome to Insight in the future can read about the different researches I’m currently doing and so that they can download the tools that has already been developed from earlier researches.

So if you happen to read this, please come back tomorrow and check out the new menu “Tools”. Leave a comment with some feedback. I’m still exited about that first comment I will receive. Looking forward to it. I am not promoting this site to any of my friends back home. (I’m not promoting it at all actually!). But when I’ll start to then I’ll be looking for a new kind of crowd to interact with. Old friends are definitely welcome to, I just don’t feel like pushing this on them.

So you would be the first one leaving a comment!

Well not really because I do get some occasional offers for buying Viagra in my comment fields. But I don’t let them through my spam filter. It’s just not the kind of products I want to promote on this website.

Or maybe I should do a research?! Okay, I’m kidding!

See you all tomorrow! //B

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