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Start living today!



Start living today!

I didn’t realize when I was deciding that I was going to open a Youtube channel that it was going to be a whole research in it self. First of all there’s the actual video that you’re going to share. The basic question is, is the video going to be of value for someone else? Then just setting up the channel so that it becomes a pay channel. It’s a jungle out there. A lot of companies who wants you to sign with their society. My pick here was to go with a company which is called Freedom. They have a lot of small scale users and that makes me feel good. The pressure to have a lot of followers is none existing. It goes along with my blog philosophy. I’m making the research on things that I am interested in. Then I share it here and on Youtube if someone likes it, that’s great!

I just don’t like the feeling of selling thoughts to strangers. I’d rather see this website as a magnet for people like me, not a warehouse for everybody on the planet. The thing is That I’m not even sure that my thoughts are something that could be of value for someone else at this point of time. My journey has just started. I was the guy working 9 to 5 and then some, just to get by. I was a dreamer like everyone else who were working at my old job. Then one day I decided to start to experimenting with different routines and habits. I wasn’t happy and I felt like I was wasting my life away. My experiments would be focused on how to feel better.

Here are some things that I decided to try to change not so many years ago. This is a small list of things that has made a huge impact on my life and I’m planning to release a research movie and tools to all of them in the future :

    1. After reading a book on how to break a habit, I stopped smoking. I knew that when I’d earlier tried to stop smoking, I’d started to gain weight. 2. So I decided to start looking in to my diet at the same time as I was kicking the nicotine. 3. I also knew that I’d previously had problems with my temper when trying to stop smoking or losing weight. So I decided to implement some mental exercises. I started to meditate early in the mornings. 4. I knew it’s easy to fall back into old habits when your trying to change. So I started to design tools which were going to help me stay focused. 5. Through my meditations and journal scribbling I started to find myself. I started to see who I really was. I found out what made me happy and what made me sad, what really meant something to me and what didn’t. So I developed more tools. Tools that would help me get rid of negative things and replace them with positive things. 6. After realizing who I really was, I sold everything and moved to a tropical island. The rain, wind, winter and cold just wasn’t for me!

What I didn’t know when I started this process was that it was going to take me to the other side of the world and make me be able to give the whole 9 to 5 lifestyle the middle finger. Yes it took me some years to make the shift but I don’t regret doing it. I have been looking through my posts so far and I realize that by sharing what I feel right now every day in this diary format makes it look like I’m super wealthy. Here’s the truth, I am not! I just became really good at living a poor mans lifestyle. This means I don’t own a lot of stuff, which makes everything a lot cheaper. I’m still experimenting with this lifestyle and every time I find something that brings progress I share it here on Welcome to Insight.

Welcome to Insight is not about what’s going on out there, it’s about changing from the inside out. I’ve come to notice that If I change the inside then things automatically change on the outside. I’ve decided to trust the process and it has taken me a long, long way from everything that I thought I had to do. The most important thing :

  • Be as happy as you can be, all the time, every day. Don’t let negative stuff get to you. Shake it off and move on, we don’t have enough time to sit around and worry. Start living today!

Peace //B

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