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Hi there diary!

Since I have no one following “Welcome to insight” yet I can easily postpone the release of the “bucket list” movie for a couple of days. However I will take the time to I can explain why, just in case someone happens to read this.

I did set up a Welcome to Insight Youtube channel a couple of days ago. Yesterday however I sat down to learn how to link my website to my channel so that I can get my links to be personalized for my videos. I’d rather have a film with the link (welcometoinsight/bucketlist) than (youtube/5nasquoerh344353535aosdfdsf). At the moment I am also studying the actual comment fields that are below a film on Youtube. I would prefer If everything looks nice, even thought it is my first film.

I also signed a contract with a company which makes it possible for “Welcome to insight” to have commercials in the beginning of the movies that will be posted on Youtube. Why I choose to sell out like this? It’s because I would like to keep the actual tools, posts and everything on the website free of charge for my future readers. So I’m thinking just like I did with my student loans. How can I create a passive income that covers my expenses. My expenses in this case is the cost for having this domain up and running. The time I put into writing, posting and doing research is not a cost for me since it’s what I actually want to do with my life. Do what you love and you’ll never work again in your entire life…

Once upon a time I used to dream about getting super rich and buy lots of stuff. One day I found myself owning a lot of stuff but not being happy at all. So me and my family decided to sell everything and move to a paradise island instead. The challenge for me now is to own as little as possible. I’m done with going to a work that I don’t like. This is turning into a lifestyle that is much, much, much better than anything I have ever imagined. Now a days my focus is on the inside instead on the outside. As soon as I started focus on the inside, then things started to change on the outside.

I used to work in a factory, thinking about my next pay check, stressing about fixing the car before it totally breaks down and the list goes on forever. Now I’m in a country on the other side of the world. It’s like another planet and another life. But when I think about it I was just there, I was working in that factory less than a year ago. Now I’m in New Caledonia. Writing this morning diary, spilling my coffee, thinking about what I should make for breakfast. The kids will be up in 45 minutes and the only “have to do” on my list today is : – “Get the kids fed and follow them to school” & that’s not even a “have to do”. They could stay at home, it wouldn’t kill them! But since I value the art of reading myself and I think that my kids needs to be among other children. I choose to bring them to school.

There is no magic in what I’m doing. Anyone can do this!

That’s why I started Welcome to Insight. I want to share this alternative to anyone who’s looking for change. That’s how it all started for me. I guess that the thought entered my mind maybe five years ago “This life sucks, I should do something else!”. Three years ago however, that’s when things really started to change. That’s when THIS factory worker bought a yoga mat, put the alarm on 4am, started meditating in the mornings, started reading, changing habits and routines. The changes didn’t effect anyone else but me. Many of my friends back home still don’t know what happened. They just see my Facebook posts with coconuts and palm trees. I tried to talk about it to some of them. But they we’re not ready to listen. Some of them got upset others laughed when I talked about changing country and lifestyle. I was a dreamer and I should just get back to work and do like everyone else.

But if you happen to read this, I’m telling you that it’s possible! But you have to change yourself on the inside before you can really change the outside. Because who you are is everything and everyone you have around you. You choose to be where you are, you’ve created that! So if you feel like you want to be somewhere else, you need to start looking at what you really want to do.

Why not start by making your very own bucket list?

I did create this tool to be able to be more effective in the process of changing from the inside out. I share it with you, but only if you want it!

Let me know what you think, if you read this.


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