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Youtube channel and Rock & Roll scoring



Woop, woop! The bucket list movie is done, I ended up making a rock n´ roll score which plays in the background. I immediately decided that this will be part of my movie making in the future. It makes me pick up the guitar even though I’m not in a band anymore and it also forces me to keep on writing new music. In my opinion the movie is ten times better when it has music on it, I am super excited!

So I did create a Youtube channel and todays mission will be to gather all the links for the people that I did my bucket list research on and make sure that all of them ends up in the text below the movie. I figure that this could be a way for me to say thank you to every one from whom I steal information from when I do my researches. If I learn how to make really good informational videos which people like then I’m hoping that the links will bring traffic to the people who made it possible…

There will also be the challenge of the Youtube thumbnails and all that good stuff. All of it is a first for me so if you have experience with posting videos, don’t hesitate to contact me. Leave a message or write me an e-mail!

Ha ha! Every time I’m writing the call to action message I’m smiling a little bit. I am not doing any promotion for my blog yet and I know that I have no traffic on my blog. The funny thing is that I’m totally fine with that. I could probably do this the whole year without having any anxiety over it. This website is about my personal growth and change, not about getting traffic to my blog. I’m going public with my thoughts because it prevents me from slacking and I’m hoping that it will be helpful to at least one more person in the future. The day someone curious stumbles upon and discovers the road of constant improvement. The day you find this website I might already have a whole library of tools and videos ready for you. Then this post will be me several months ago saying, hello and welcome to insight my friend!

If you read this it means that I’ve managed to create something useful for other people. What an exciting experiment this is! I just realize that you might be here reading this because I made a fool out of my self in public, ha ha! Well I better get back to practicing my stoic thinking if that’s the case… 

Forever grateful //B

PS. it’s not me on the picture (I’m a guy!), I just thought it was a nice picture… Sorry!

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