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I’m getting to the end of my bucket list research. There’s going to be a little movie about how and why, which means that it’s time to set up a Youtube channel. Then there will be the actual tool that I will share here on the website. I’m still thinking about different ways to share the tools with my readers. I’m going to meditate on this one…

Now I don’t even know what the tool will look like to be honest to you. I will create it as a final piece of the puzzle of the research that I do. You see, this website is a laboratory for me. I’m determined to implement radical changes in my life and I experiment with different methods on my self. When I come across something that I feel can be useful to anybody else, I share it here on Welcome to Insight. If I come across something that is less useful, I will also share that but more as a warning. Like I did in my Bitcoin post.

My readers amounts today to zero, ha ha! So if you happen to drop by and you like my little laboratory, then feel free to share!

Since I’m finishing up the bucket list research, I am already thinking about what to do next. There are some different things already on my mind. Exercise tool, daily routine tool, passive income tool, bucke tlist tool, procrastination tool, happiness tool,… hmm, what to do next!?

I’m going to spend the day reading up on some of these and I’ll let you know tomorrow. I’m going to end todays post by letting the world know how thankful I am to have the freedom to be able to write this. Not so long ago I was inside the hamster wheel working really hard just to be able to put food on the table and paying my bills. Now my biggest problem is what experiment I would like to do next.

Thank you universe!

I am humbled and grateful for this opportunity and I will do my best to return the favor.

// B

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