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It’s five o’clock am and I’ve just finished my morning meditation routine and my writing freely exercise. I’m experimenting with my routines these days and “Welcome to insight” is where I publish my experiments from here on. By studying successful people and copying their routines I am looking for a magic formula to success and I’m having a blast doing it.

For the moment my focus is on researching the “bucket list”, pros and cons.

One thing that ended up on my bucket list after I published my very first version of it yesterday (click here to read), was to get myself a diary. Today when I’m sitting down to write my morning post here at “Welcome to insight” I realize that the very first thing on my list “Writing one blog post per day”, is my diary. So what I’m doing today is that I’m changing the name of my daily blog from “Morning post” to “Morning diary”. This means that I can cross my diary note off my bucket list already. I’ve been doing research on bucket lists for less than a week and I already know that it’s an amazing tool for me. It will probably be part of what I do for the rest of my life. It’s that powerful!

I remember the feeling that I had when I was a little boy. This one time I found my sisters diary. I wanted to open it and find out what was inside her head. It was like having a sneak peak at someones thoughts without them knowing about it. Of course she found me in her room, hovering over her diary like a thief in a jewelry store and the fight was on :

  • sister: – WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!! ‘


  • sister: – IN MY DIARY?!!!


  • Sister: – MUUUUUUUM!!!

I’m inviting you and my sister (ha ha!) to have a sneak peak into my diary here at “Welcome to insight”. Every day for the remainder of the year I will be sharing my thoughts in my brand new “Morning diary” here on “Welcome to insight”.

See you tomorrow?

//You can call me “B”

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