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Right now is everything, live it!

Every moment is an opportunity to wake up and change what you’re doing. Concentrate on things that empower you, life is to short to dwell in the past. Look forward and dream big.

If you believe predictions that puts you on the road of failure. Then your final destination will be just that. To challenge the impossible is to live full and grow.

This is what happens when you decide to follow the masses. When people labels you in life, make sure you agree with what they’re saying before you let any of it sink in. Only you can judge what is true about you.

The importance lies not in the quantity of life but in the quality. Decide what quality is to you and then live it as hard as you can. Until the day you die. Feed and strengthen your mind with the things that are right for you.

Everybody who dares to push the limits sometimes fails. No one sets new world records on their first try. Everybody who dares to be different gets criticized. All of them has felt awkward and hopeless at times. It goes with the territory.

Don’t use the language and excuses of the masses. Develop your own unique style, once you do you will never want to go back.

Spend each day on the road of constant improvement. Step by step you will get a head. This is not a sprint it’s a marathon. If you keep at it with discipline and conviction you’ll build the strength needed for the moments where a sudden sprint is necessary.

Don’t forget to enjoy the journey which is the life you’re living. The final destination is nothing. Right now is everything, live it!

This is one of my writing freely exercises. I sat down put my hands on my laptop and tried to find a flow of inspiration. Let me know what you think about a post like this. Leave a comment!

Stay safe, Bjorn!

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