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Bring out the lion!

Pick anything that stirs up emotion and let that motivate you.

If they think that you’re done and that your career will soon be over. Let them know, they don’t know you!

Does it feel like your life was a struggle and that no one ever believed in you? Use it, believe in yourself!

If someone wants to break you, you can use that to become stronger. Others might want to take advantage of you. Be thankful, these people make you smarter.

At whatever point you are in life. Tell them : – I’m not done, I’m just warming up!

When it’s time for you to perform on the pitch. Bring out the lion!

If you want to become something special, train hard. If someone else can do it, so can you. If they do it, you can do it better. Develop a winning mentality.

Believe in yourself, be confident and work hard for it. If you set your mind out to do something, believe in it. Go big or go home!

Listen to what others tell you but make sure you do your own thing. Build your future one day at a time.

Never turn down a challenge. It’s in the challenge you grow, aim for the top. It’s okay to be egoistic. In a way you need to be if you want to be able to make a difference.

The biggest Swedish athlete of all time is Zlatan Ibraimovich. This post is inspired by hiim. If you want the real deal, click the link. 


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