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10 marathons in one year!




It’s five o’clock am and I just pored myself a big cup of coffee. It’s coffee from the island it says on the box. But when I keep on reading on the back it says imported from Brazil. It’s a crazy world we live in!

So today I’m writing my morning diary standing up. I’m lucky because in the kitchen of the apartment where we live there is a countertop/breakfast table and it’s the perfect height for me to do my writing standing up. So I didn’t need to go out and consume to make this improvement to my life.

Why am I standing up while doing my writing?

Less than a week ago I decided to listen to one episode of the Tim Ferriss Show a day until I’ve conquered them all. From each episode I will extract one thing that I feel is worth taking with me in life. I write the topic on my “Wall of Insight”. I keep my “Wall of Insight” as a screen saver. Every day my screensaver is getting more and more interesting. Yesterday I listened to episode three of the podcast where Kelly Sarrett & Dr. Justin Mager are talking about the health benefits of a standing desk. If a school kid would stand up three hours a day instead of sitting down in school he would comparatively burn an additional sum of 10 marathons worth of calories in one year. So today I’m standing up while writing my morning diary. Maybe you should to?

Let me know what you think, leave a comment and let me know that I’m not alone.

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