My name is Björn Johansson, I used to live in Sweden with my wife and two children. One day we decided that we’d had it with the cold, the snow, the wind and the nine to five. We decided to move from Sweden to a French tropical island called New Caledonia located outside the coast of Australia. After a lot of planning, preparation and soul searching, we went for it!

Photo B Johansson – Hike in New Caledonia

I could’ve executed the move and continued doing the same thing I was doing back home. But instead I decided that this was my moment. I was going to leave all my bad habits behind and I was going to say yes only to things that I love to do from here on out. I was ready for change.

At first I couldn’t do it, I went with every opportunity I was offered in my new country. I said yes to every invitation to have a drink, I smoked every cigarette I was offered and jumped at every chance to make a quick buck. I fell into old habits and thought patterns. I soon realized that if I continued like this I would be as miserable in my new country as I was as a factory worker back in Sweden. Maybe even worse. If I couldn’t find a way to be happy in paradise, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to come up with any more excuses!

So I started saying no to everything that didn’t feel 100% right to me and yes to everything that did … and my life radically changed!

I started studying success, full time! I took steps to implement routines and habits that successful people recommend into my own life. Habits like morning meditation, writing a diary, quitting nicotine, control my alcohol consumption, eating right, going to the gym regularly, among many other things became part of my every day lifestyle. I was making a personal makeover. From the inside out.

It took me seven years to figure all off this out but today I’ve got all the skills and tools I need to live my dream life!

I’ve done all this research and I believe that it would be a shame to not share what I’ve learned with the rest of the world. From everything that I’ve learned I’m now convinced that it doesn’t have to take seven years for someone to create their dream life.

Allow me to break it down for you…


  • It starts with the mind

    Once I decided that I wanted to change, I started studying. I’d read tons of books, articles, interviews and I’d listen to hours and hours of podcasts, I still do! One groundbreaking evening about five years ago I decided to put my alarm clock one hour earlier in preparation for the next day. This was the first time I took action to implement change into my daily routine. The next day I sat down and meditated before I went to work in that Swedish factory. I knew when I went to work that day that I was going to break free but I still didn’t know how. I didn’t tell anyone about my adventure for a long time. This was my secret and I wasn’t going to let anyone ruin it.

  • The Body

    After a year or so of morning meditation and writing exercises I realized that I was ready for the next step. So I decided to rewind my alarm clock yet another hour. I now had meditation, writing exercises and gym on my schedule. All of it happened before leaving for work, early in the morning. I’d be up three hours earlier than anyone in family, I was driven! I’d created a whole private segment in my day for myself and my personal development. The interesting part about this is that I suddenly had more time and energy for of both my wife and my children. As a family we started to become increasingly happier. My personal growth had become a gift to the people that I loved the most, it was now my biggest motivation.

  • The Skills

    In a dream life, my hobbies equals my skills. The only rule I follow is that I only do what I love. To all the other offers I get, I say no. What I used to dream about doing as a kid and my hobbies throughout my life are now part of my profession. Without this insight I would still be a factory worker. Instead I’m a “Jack of the trade survivor” in my new country. I get offers from both private people and companies on the island to record/mix/master audio, edit film, documenting film, photography, personal training, live performer and much more.

This website is not for everyone I realize that. I’m not going to try to change anyone who doesn’t want change. That just wouldn’t feel 100% right to me.

But if you feel like kicking some bad habits, reaching for your goals, work with what you love and create your own version of a dream life. Then this is the right place for you!

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This is site is about breaking bad habits and learning new skills. You don’t have to move to a tropical island to live your dream life. The goal is to shape your reality into whatever it is you want it to be.

Welcome to Insight and the road of constant improvement…