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They’d sold everything and moved from Sweden to a tropical island outside the coast of Australia.


To her, it was like going home.

To him… it was scary!


She, quickly found her true self in their new country. And soon became part of the “in” crowd. 

He, stayed at home, took care of the kids and by doing so he was supporting her career.


It seemed to be a good plan for the moment.

She, needed to do her thing. They both new it.

He, wanted to explore personal growth. This was mostly his idea.


She, went to work and started to share her talent.

He, dove into his self-studies and family chores.


She, made a lot of new friends.

He, only made friends with the authors that he was studying.


She, started to build a solid foundation. Worked late and odd hours. Started to make good money.

He´d found a growing interest in the old stoic philosophies.


She, wanted and expected more from the world.

He, needed less and less.


She, loved the clubs, the people, the tropical rhythms and the social atmosphere.

He, enjoyed the routine of doing homework with and putting the kids to bed.


She wanted to feel free again, he needed to feel safe.


There is a brand new crack in this family. It wasn’t there before. It could bring them closer together or destroy them? Does living on a paradise island guarantee happiness? Does reading self-improvement and studying success guarantee that you will actually improve or even succeed? Or is that stuff not for everyone?


Has his past come back to haunt him, will he be able to adapt?


Will she ever truly love him again?


Let’s find out!


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