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The way I look at it is that from all failures comes a good story.


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Right now I’ve invited some smoking friends from back home in Sweden to join my first official experiment. In this project I’m trying to share what I did to be able to stop smoking. We’re only ten days into the experiment and I’m having some serious problems, haha!


On top of all that It seems like I’m timing the experiment with some kind of midlife crisis. I’ve created a Facebook group for my friends who has joined the “Quit Smoking Experiment”.


Now what’s the problem with that, you might ask yourself?


I’ve been sharing some of the worst updates of my life in that group and I’m afraid I’m scaring the whole gang. Well actually as I write this I see that there are two girls that are still staying in contact. So I shouldn’t say that it’s a complete disaster yet. I will keep you updated.


After all I can always find new friends when this project is over…


I know the program works because it contains the information that I used myself to be able to quit this nasty habit. The only problem is how to present it… I’m still working on that part!


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